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San Francisco producer/director Martin Jones and Columbus-based writer/producer Deb Havener have teamed up to make the documentary "Groove Shack." The bulk of the filming took place in Columbus, Ohio, then branched out to Atlanta, Philadelphia and San francisco.

In the early 1990's, "Groove Shack" was a vinyl record store on High Street in the Short North area of Columbus, Ohio. It was dreamed up and realized by Martin Jones and Mike Curry - two naive youngsters from suburbia. From its opening night on, the Groove Shack packed in an eclectic bunch of kids who started what was to be known as the "MC Battles" - or open mic nights. Soon, the nation caught on. Groove Shack was written about in Billboard magazine. The young rappers who hung out at the Groove Shack all had dreams of making it big in the music world.

Some of these kids did find success. Some ended up in prison. And one curious visitor of the Groove Shack ended up winning the Heisman Trophy while playing for Columbus' beloved OSU Buckeyes.

Combined with older footage of the MC Battles, "Groove Shack," the documentary, followed up on the lives of these fascinating individuals and offer a glimpse of dreams realized and broken.