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The Groove Shack Film Soundtrack is a collection of Columbus artists who appear in the movie and there is a special appearance by SPEECH from Arrested Development.

The album takes you on a journey back to the mid 90's and brings you back to the present.

All music is written by the artists and they all appear in the Movie.

Featuring some of their biggest hits and some new joints, the album marks a point of beginning for them, and shows you the musical progression that has been made over 15 years.

Each artist is unique and the album touches many Hip Hop sub-genres. You will find slow jazzy grooves, political lyrics, and fast jams for the party or club.

The album stays true to a Hip Hop ethos of original music and creative angst.
Each artist can and has stood alone in their careers but felt a calling to contribute to a final chapter in their dedication to the Groove Shack era.

Between most tracks is a special guest DJ performing some old school cuts and instrumental melodies. These DJ's also appear in the film.

The soundtrack is available through this web site for $12.99 via pay pal.

Individual tracks can be purchased for $.99.

Special limited edition vinyl is also available for $14.99

Also available on I-tunes, Napster, Rapsody, and other locations.