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Camu Tao

Camu Tao
(Tero Alexander Smith)
Columbus native. Got start rapping at Groove Shack Open Mic's with Copywrite. C0-founded MHz(MegaHertz) group with Intalec, RJD2, and Copywrite. Unique national underground artist with many albums and singles to his credit. Lived in NYC for 9 years. Performed across USA and Europe. DefJux recording artist. Died May 25th, 2008 after a long battle with lung cancer. Star of Groove Shack Film.


(Peter Nelson)
International underground artist. Many albums to his credit. Original member of MHz(Megahertz) a Columbus group with Intalec, RJD2, and Camu. Tours extensively in USA and Europe. Columbus native via Florida.
Appears in Groove Shack Film as a main character.

dj drastic

DJ Drastic
(Daimon Johnson)
Columbus Ohio native. Battle DJ winning Championships in Midwest. Started as House DJ at Groove Shack, working Open Mic's. Worked with various Hip Hop artists at shows, parties, and festivals. Started own label, worked across the USA. Well known in Midwest and appears in Groove Shack Film.


(Mr Noose, Chris x, Lamar Marshue)
Hip Hop pioneer group from Columbus. Performed at various venues in the Midwest. Well respected MC’s who would battle anyone at any time. Mr. Noose is legendary on Groove Shack’s ACTV show shown locally. Chris X MC’d Groove Shack’s DJ contest at the Ohio Convention Center. Currently they are all co-business owners in tax services and financial planning.


Derek Baldwin
The professor of Columbus Hip Hop in the 90’s. Taught and influenced Copywrite, Camu Tao, RJD2, Unruly, Rashad, and many others in the art of production, delivery, and sound production. Formed the Funk Friends and co-founder of Megahertz(MHz). Credited with Many singles and albums generated in Columbus. Grew up on the mean streets of Columbus’ near east side. Avoided the thug life to live his life as an example to others. Always kept true to Hip Hop and never sold out to corporate interests. High integrity and disciplined beyond reproach. Worked two full time jobs for years to pay for equipment and production costs. Known to demand perfection from his “students”, the “Professor” produced some of the best work to ever come through underground Hip Hop.

J. Rawls J. Rawls
(Jason Rawls)
National recording artist and producer. Produced hit Brown Skin Lady for Mos Def. Columbus native. Soundscan sales over 150,000. Large following in Japan and Europe. Over 25 albums to his credit. Appears in Groove Shack Film.
Mean Skeme Mean Skeme
(Kennon Hughes)
DJ, producer. Founded Poets of Heresy integrating live instruments into Hip Hop in early 90's. Battle DJ, legendary Midwest artist.
Mixmaster Ice Mixmaster Ice
Brooklyn native. Formed U.T.F.O. the pioneering rap group with huge single Roxanne Roxanne. Toured the world. Many albums and singles to his credit. Currently lives in Columbus and runs his record label. Big philanthropist and promoter of young artists.
DJ Phazo DJ Phazo
Old school Hip Hop DJ. Columbus native. Battle DJ. Worked with many national artists. Formed record label. Well known in Midwest.
Prime Prime:
(Scott Lindsay)

Producer of Hip Hop Music and artist development. Columbus native.  Avid record collector. Career includes forming group in college, producing and writing music for various local and national artists.
rashad Rashad
Artist and Producer. Columbus native. Gold certified recording musician with many credits and collaborations. Produced songs for Jadakiss, Ma$e and many other national recording artists.
(Ramble John Krohn):
National artist and producer. Founder of MHz(Megahertz) group in Columbus with Intalec, Camu, and Copywrite. Inspired by Groove Shack when he was forming his musical talent. Went on to sell many albums and singles. Produces music used in TV commercials, and remixes of singles along with his solo albums. Currently lives in Philadelphia. One of main characters in Groove Shack Film.
Sean Banks Sean Banks
Hip Hop historian. DJ. Radio personality. Long career in Columbus where he is originally from and resides. Worked at Groove Shack and hosted many Open Mic's and DJ contests. House MC for Groove Shack and Martin Jones productions.
Speech Speech
Two time Grammy winner. Two time MTV video winner. International musical artist. Founded Arrested Development. First album sold over 5 million copies. Solo career and work with AD keeps him busy. Huge festival tours each summer. Worked on various soundtracks and guest appearances on many albums. Owns Vagabond records. Resides in Atlanta with his wife, 2 kids.


(Kid Trax, Phys Ed, Shaun, Jesse)
Group formed in Columbus, original members of Funk Friends, loosely associated with MHz. They have continuous performered for 15 years. Respected for never selling out and staying true to their Hip Hop charter.